Artificial Plate Battery
Hans Borngräber

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Plate batteries for old tube radios are today only available
with difficulty. However, step-up controllers for low DC voltages are everywhere. The circuits of these IC's are, however, affected by disadvantages and complex wound inductances are needed. A further disadvantage of this solution is the transducer frequency; poor placing can cause audible interference.

I solved the issue of inductances with the employment of standard chokes, which are to be received with each electronics sender. The problem of the interfering radiation is solved by shielding in a
sheet-steel housing.

The circuit
As automatic controller, an MC34063 is used. The circuit corresponds to the standard application of the manufacturer up to the filters. Inductances are normal chokes. They do not have the disadvantage that the efficiency of the circuit are so high (75%) - however for it they are well available and produce relatively few disturbances.

The rectifier diode must be absolutely a nearly Recovery diode, otherwise one regains the switching peaks of the diode on DC voltage.

The circuit supplies an output voltage of 90V and 11mA in this configuration with 6V supply.

(Note:increasing the supply voltage should also increase the output voltage)

With the remote entrance the circuit can be activated or deactivated over the filament voltage of the radio. Because with most old radios only the filament voltage is switched. The Jumper JP1 makes it possible to activate or deactivate this function. In the deactivated condition the automatic controller starts immediately, if the voltage is applied.

As a power supply I use 6 V 1.3Ah  Panasonic gel-cell. This gives about 5 hours of use (which seems rather low! Ed.).

With the potentiometer R7 the output voltage of approx. can. 60 V to 90 V to be regulated.

developed the whole circuit on an epoxy PCB with the dimensions 46 x 100 mm. All ground connections come to a common point in star configuration

Construction units

Quantity Worth Construction units
1 100µF/100V C1
1 22µF/100V C2
1 220µF/25V C3
1 3,3nF C4
1 0,1µF C5
1 1N4148 D1
1 BY233 D2
1 ZPY100V D3
1 Akku 6V 1,3Ah Panasonic G1
1 MC34063-DIL IC1
1 Jumper 3polig JP1
1 Meder dual Inline relay DIP05-2A72-21L K1
1 560µH realm ELT 09P560µ L1
1 470µH realm ELT 09P470µ L2
1 Mosfet IRF830 Q1
1 1k G 1
1 100 R2
2 1 R3, R4
1 330 R5
1 100k R6
1 Trimmer 50k R7
1 2k R8
1 Safety device 1A/T SI1
1 BC639 T1
1 6fach clamp 5mm raster X1... x5
1 Housing Teko 373 106x50x26mm
Realm ELT TEKO373


last update: 31st May 2008